Welcome to Brown Dog Arts. the website of artist Matt Brown. Matt is a painter/maker of artwork, based in Brighton, combining abstraction and fine art; and a maker of ornamental woodcuts, mandalas and the occasional bit of furniture. Matt paints mostly in acrylics and oils on canvas using techniques such as marbling and acrylic pouring to create organic abstract forms, he also uses a more structured approach based loosely on geometric patterns to make a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes these "backgrounds" hold their own and survive as stand alone pictures or they become an enhancement to portraits, scenes and paintings inspired by nature. Matt's style is ever changing and yet distinctly his own, with each picture comes a story, a piece of Matts history. The blog on this website will explore this in a deeper way for each picture in a mostly light hearted and pro-positive manner, thoughts on art, techniques and the creative process will also be explored. 


Just in case you're interested in seeing how some of these pictures were painted then a short while ago I started filming the process in time lapse. Those videos can be found on the Blog page. Instagram has all my everything art wise in a lovely big bunch here :  https://www.instagram.com/browndogarts/ follow me there to keep up with art that I'm producing on a week to week basis... or.. I've started a You Tube channel where the videos can be seen, find that here:   https://www.youtube.com/@bigbrownartdog9377. There's a few long form vids on my You Tube channel in which I chat about something I'm painting also. I'm at the beginning of my You Tube journey so it can only get better, Subscribe to the channel to marginally raise my poor ego out of the gutter if you would. Thanks